.​.​.​.​.​the great dying

by I, Enclave

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released January 20, 2016



all rights reserved


I, Enclave Tampa, Florida

I, Enclave is a one man project that I work on when I have the time and extra songs that "need" to be finished.
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Track Name: Doom Rite
~ Doom Rite ~
(Lyrics by Jesse Jolly)
Wicked thoughts, from a darkened mind
Born from the blackest of hearts
A will to destroy- to snuff out their flame
True salvation lies where life cannot abide

Sigils of maleficence encircle my domain
Walls adorned with sculptures of pain
Ankle-deep in the blood of my latest tragedy
Tremors come, as I begin to speak

Incantations in the dead of the night
Forbidden mantras
A call to the sky
Eater of worlds and drinker of light
Doom rite

Drawn into a force, unequaled
Minds and memories ripped away
Torn from their point of origin
Even Souls will not escape
Blessed destructor has come
To bestow annihilation
Engulf and crush their heathen race
Silenced, eternally

As I’m pulled into the gaping maw
Towards the dying stars, I fall
Perish, with the utmost nobility
Swallowed by the all-destroyer
Track Name: Decaying Within You
Decaying Within You ~
(Lyrics by Jesse Jolly)
As you lie awake at night, eyes gaping wide
overwhelmed by the emptiness inside
The horror within you can no longer be contained

Decaying within you- Accept the truth
Your spirit, cursed- And you are doomed
You’re plummeting- You’re falling into
A moribund solitude

Barren soul.. countless wounds
Hopes and dreams, entombed
The will to exist has abandoned you
Raped and ragged.. stripped of life
Long before your time
Condemned to live as though you've died

Decaying within you- Accept the truth
Diminishing worth- Your spirit, cursed
You’re crumbling- You’re broken in two
Look what you’ve become

In the arms of abandonment, you have made your bed
Lost and alone, your will is dead
Ruled by the chaos boiling within
Crying pure hatred and bleeding contempt
...And now you're reaching critical mass

Infected mind
Conduit for the corrupt
Voices, by whisper, come
But where are they coming from?
From somewhere in the dark

You have been spoken to and given the quest
The time has come to come undone
Your power to reason is gone
Painted up and strung along

They’re crumbling- They’re broken in two
Look what they’ve become- Crimson
Track Name: At War With The Self

I can not breathe
Struggle to inhale breath
My body betrays
Feeling the grasp of death
The cracking of bones
My heart races
Feeling alone

Drawn to the dark
There is no tunnel of light for
Just a journey through black
A void of eternity
Memories fading
Embrace the absence of light
Amongst all the fallen
We fade to the night

Flesh burned to ash
The time of suffering past
No longer am I subject
To this life of torture
To the fires I burn
I could not hold on
Between the pressure and weight
Crushed by reality
I will end my life
Exit on my terms

Feel blood course through my veins
The darkness has passed
I will live another day
Lungs fill with air to my relief
A purpose emerges
Depression washed away
Moments ago despair encompassed all
Now I seek to hold off
My impending fall
Track Name: Sagittarius A*
Sagittarius A *

I fade to unconsciousness
As waves, I fall from the shore
Floating, I grasp at the sun
Pulled by the current and brought to a place of serene isolation

At the center of my soul
A darkness dwells
Consuming, all that come near
Distorting time and warping my sense of humanity

What is it to be human?
What does it mean to be alive?
What is existence for?
Why exist at all?

My body begins to stretch
My atoms are ripped apart and begin to align
The pull is to great and I succumb to the event horizon
Track Name: In The Year 2525 (Zager and Evans cover)
Zager and Evans In The Year 2525. Look them up.