Existence Perception

by I, Enclave

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released March 20, 2015



all rights reserved


I, Enclave Tampa, Florida

I, Enclave is a one man project that I work on when I have the time and extra songs that "need" to be finished.
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Track Name: The Paradox Of Worship
why do we exist, what is our purpose
how do we exist, not knowing our purpose
I seek the creator, we seek the creator now
there are questions to be answered and debts to be paid
are we just the children of an uncaring god
lost and abandoned, lost orphans of his facade
or is there a reason to this unending night
a means to an end that is hidden from our sight
the paradox of worship is mankind's flaw
this paradox of worship soon dissolves
is there a soul that strives to live on
a piece of the divine that our sins will divide
or is there a void, engulfing abyss
eternity of black and lack of consciousness
why are we given this finite life
when the burden of awareness just weighs on the mind
i do not comprehend the purpose of our existence
Track Name: Where Are We And How Did We Get Here
fading memories, elusive thoughts
i try to grasp reality but my efforts for not
when consciousness fades and all left is a shell
devoid of all semblance and reliance of hope
words lose their meanings and fade to the void
far from the false comforts of home
I accepted my fate, bled to the point of repent
led to this point of darkness I abandon and shed my soul
a life filled with virtue or one lost to the depths
it matters not for in the end we all rot
visions of all that i've lost
surrounding me with their lies and deceit
soon from this hell i'll be free
delusions diluting my soul
from the lost of the young and the passing of old
how could one not be left shattered and cold
tear me from this misery
the one's i protect now safe in their beds
safe in the comforts of death
my passing is all i have left
all goes on without us this i've always know
all we leave are scars, scars continue to grow
the only promise of life is that we'll end up dead
Track Name: Scars Upon My Flesh
scarred flesh, reminds me
scarred flesh, defines me
searching and searching for the purpose that gives my life meaning
not found in the arms of your saviors
not found in the ways of your gods
i stop and relinquish all thoughts of regret
till death i will continue with all that I have left
these scars are for remembrance
these scars so i do not forget
i stare through the night remembering past days
memories not forgotten of those lost along the way
time seems to drift faster with each coming year
soon and end to this wandering
soon my time nears
Track Name: Beyond Parameters Of Thought
Track Name: Staring Through Plastic And Glass
buffy would slay twilight's ass
i eat ramen, i eat ramen noodles
in the middle of the night when the moon is full
watching true blood and game of thrones
it must be sunday, it is time to download my shows
why does syfy cancel good shows
eureka is funny but this defiance blows
i miss mulder and dana scully
throw fringe in there too
it is a clone, but stood on it's own
doctor who is on I can't be disturbed now
who will next doctor be, only moffit knows, wish for sherlock holmes
psyches not genre, but it's still great
franklin and bash they make me stay up late
under the dome isn't that bad
but do not be fooled it is no the walking dead
i miss lost though plot is a bit to follow
community is underrated, I am a greendale alum
dexter ends soon, hannibal is no replacement
through the wormhole
morgan freeman narrates my dreams
staring through plastic and glass